We're creating opportunities for lgbt+ dog lovers to connect.

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Dudes With Dogs®

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Stop swiping and start connecting over something meaningful.

I'm Chris Rolczynski, a gay dog dad living in the Seattle area. After getting my dog Frankie, I quickly realized two things:

1) Dogs are super special to lgbt+ people.

2) Dogs make it easier for humans to connect.

That's why I created Dudes With Dogs®, to provide a safe, non-sexual, space for lgbt+ dog lovers (and our friends, family, and allies) to share this meaningful part of our lives.

But sharing's only part of it.

We create opportunities to connect.

For friends, dog park buddies, neighbors to watch your dog when you go away for the weekend, or even a partner who loves dogs as much as you.

What you'll get

An actively managed network with a caring Host and Moderators guiding the conversation.

A community of DWDs who are ready to connect.

Simple member discovery with features like Members Near You and Favorite Breed.

Topics, Content, and Courses (coming soon) based on the needs of dog dads.

And as our network grows, City Feeds, City Directories, and City Meetups.

And a complimentary DWD transfer sticker for your car!*

What you won't

No ads, no distractions, no algorithms and no privacy anxiety.

What it costs

Just $2.99/month or $29.99/year

A portion benefits the ASPCA.

Why it costs

DWD is an actively managed community, which means real people guide the conversation, maintain a safe environment, encourage engagement, introduce content and topics, and help you get the most our of your experience.

DWD is not ad-supported or sponsored, so the low subscription fee is how we get paid, and how we pay for the software that runs our network.

In other words, your support makes it possible for us to support you.

So let's do this!

It's easy to get started. Just choose one of our two subscription plans, below.

*If you're ready to jump in, choose the option with the free sticker!

Or if you're unsure, choose the free trial. Either way, we're excited to get to know you, and hope you're excited to show off your dogs, make some new friends, tell your story, and be known by others like you.


Chris, Founder, Dudes With Dogs

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